Our Mission

AGFP was founded and is managed by Don DeSantis, whose career began with the largest international CPA firm and included over twenty years as a CFO for two large public companies. Mr. DeSantis has been providing financial consulting services for the last ten years, most recently under this firm.


Atlantic Gulf Financial Partners (AGFP) provides specialized financial consulting services to businesses. Clients have ranged from individual entrepreneurs to large public companies, and these businesses complete in a wide variety of markets.

The trademarks of the firm’s approach are personalization, flexibility and quick response.

Past and present projects have included:

  1. Executive services

  2. CFO mentoring

  3. Audit readiness

  4. Going private

  5. Going public

  6. Business and strategic planning

  7. Pricing practices and policies

  8. International and interstate tax planning

  9. Cross border inter-company pricing

  10. Currency, interest rate and raw material risk management